How to Give a Corporate Kingdom Mug

Here's the classy way to make a statement with Corporate Kingdom merchandise.

Control Freak Mug

Buy a Mug / Poster / Pillow for Yourself

Got an unreasonable boss who has to micromanage everything you do?

Give yourself a Control Freak Mug and display it proudly on your desk and in meetings. They'll get the point and will change their ways while saving face.

You can also do the same thing if you're the Control Freak boss. Let your team know you can laugh at yourself and are working to respect your team's boundaries and abilities.

Proudly Give a Mug to a Friend or Colleague

Put a bow on a mug and give it to a friend or co-worker who can own their personality quirks and laugh at themselves.

Say it Directly

You know that person in accounting who loves the power they hold over your expense report? Give them a Bean Counter Mug with a note that says, "Hey, lighten up. It's not even your money."

Say it Softly but Clearly

Give a Prima Donna Mug to that co-worker who used to be cool but has let success go to their head. Here's a suggested note that will keep it light: "You're too cool to be a Prima Donna. Glad we're a team. Love, [your name]."

Backstabber Mug

Scorched Earth Approach

If a toxic family member, co-worker or neighbor has crossed that line in the sand one too many times, then have the courage to call them out on it.

Give them a Backstabber Mug with the note, "This reminds me of you! Please don't be like that."

They'll get the point and stew in their own juices no matter how they pretend to dismiss it. Being a jerk takes a toll. Let them carry the burden instead of you.


No matter how you go about it, put the fun in dysfunctional relationships with merchandise that makes a statement. Happy gifting.